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Fighting Period Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by collecting donations no matter how small. Menstrual hygiene products are ESSENTIAL and periods don't pause- even through pandemics




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**Pre-Pandemic [These numbers are expected to go up due to the effects of covid-19]**

There are about 49.5 million girls who are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa.

 1 out of 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses 3-5 days of school a month because of menstruation.

This equals a 20-25% absence rate monthly which causes them to fall behind and eventually drop out.

Some attend classes during their periods without any sanitary pads and are ridiculed by their male peers, teachers and community members when they get stained.  There is a lot of misinformation, stigma and shame surrounding menstruation and periods.

In some cultures, periods are seen as a punishment for bad behavior. Others wrongly believe that it is a symptom of HIV

In place of sanitary pads, they use dry leaves, chicken feathers, sand, pieces of foam from mattresses, banana skins, newspaper, old clothes, cow dung and other things to stem the bleeding. In some cases, the girls dig a hole in the ground and sit in it until their period is over.

Period poverty is the inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools (sanitary pads, underwear, soap etc) and education (menstrual health, waste management etc). For these girls, periods are isolating and traumatic experiences which cause a lot of embarrassment and shame. In many cases it leads to anxiety and depression.

Period poverty leads to high dropout rates which results in an increase in early marriage and teen pregnancies.

The covid-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges that these girls face 

Your change can change this narrative

The Solution

The covid-19 pandemic has amplified the challenges that these girls already face. With your donations, we can better their lives through a 2-step approach — which is donating menstrual hygiene products and providing menstrual health education. Learn more about period poverty in our call to action video and how donating your change can make a lasting impact! You can join the challenge by donating and sharing the challenge with your friends, family and social media contacts.

Donating Menstrual Hygiene Products

Donating menstrual hygiene products to the girls will help them comfortably and hygienically tackle their periods so they don't have to miss class. This will enable them focus on school and completing their education. It will also give them the confidence and freedom they need to go about their lives uninterrupted.

Providing Menstrual Health Education

Educating the girls on how their bodies work, menstrual cycles, proper hygiene, debunking myths, correct use of sanitary tools, waste management, early marriage, teenage pregnancy and caring for themselves in general. This will equip and empower the girls to tackle their periods, understand their bodies and make the right decisions for their future. They can focus on their studies and becoming financially independent instead of dropping out. Educating their communities will also reduce the shame and stigma associated with menstruation.

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